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Your Revenue by Selling to High-Value Politically Conservative Customers

what if…
you could access high-value, conservative clients in just weeks with a simple, 5-step system?


What would it mean to you to add fuel to your new growth by reaching out to a new audience?

How would your life change if you had a new, lucrative market opened for you giving you a new pool to fish in with your offer?

What trajectory would your company take if you could differentiate yourself from competitors in an impossibly competitive market?

What a difference it would make.
Kurt and Kristen - Awards


For 20 years, we’ve been electing Republican political candidates by motivating conservative and faith-based voters.

They are our Liberty Spenders!
$500M raised in political contributions from over 13 million transactions

Our systems got

1 President, 14 Governors, 15 Senators and 100+ Members of Congress Elected


The Same Systems Can Dramatically Increase Your Revenue & Help You Reach Out To Liberty Spenders

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Use the same strategies we’ve used with Liberty Spenders to raise over $500M, elect a President, 14 Governors, 15 Senators and 100+ members of Congress in your business
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Liberty Spenders Guide
Learn how to double your revenue by selling to high-value politically conservative customers
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Liberty Access Multiplier AI

We have created a powerful AI-driven, analytical platform for you to discover how to get in front of a bigger audience of perfect fit buyers.

We are leveraging all the strategies we have used to raise over $500 million in the political arena to give you an unfair advantage – that sweet spot of buyers, knowing exactly what to say to them, how to say it and how to motivate them to take action so you can sell more, faster.

The 2X+ Revenue Report is your first step towards reinventing your business faster!

We’re excited to join you in this transformative journey.

what we


Kurt and Kristen

Turning around our economy, building our families, and changing our world starts at the kitchen table of ambitious business builders and innovative entrepreneurs.

Business leaders like you who want to do great things, are the leaders who provide jobs and support community organizations.

The world is changing and, like politicians, your business can become irrelevant if you fail to expand into new audiences.

But more than anything…
we believe in the

We developed the Liberty Spender 5P System to help you realize your American Dream faster.

American Dream

Welcome to the 5P System

Liberty Spenders - 5P

What you will learn with us


[ people ]

Identify the PEOPLE, “LIBERTY SPENDERS”: conservative / faith-based market that will love your product and service


[ positioning ]

POSITION your business based on values alignment and ensure Liberty Spenders pick you over your competition


[ passion ]

Tell a PASSIONATE STORY that aligns your business values with Liberty Spenders


[ proof ]

PROVE your message persuades and influences Liberty Spenders without costly mistakes or guessing

Kurt - Product Rollout Plan

[ product rollout plan ]

Craft a PRODUCT ROLLOUT PLAN and ACCESS the secret ecosystem of Liberty Spender influencers and media to double your revenue

We’ve become experts at helping our clients connect with conservative and faith-based consumers; and now we’re doing the same for businesses just like yours.


Our efforts on behalf of our clients have been recognized with 79 awards for what we achieved for every client.


We also put our money where our heart is

We bought the Dutchtown DariBar, where so many of Kurt’s childhood memories were made, to keep it alive and well.

We doubled revenue in 8 months…

and parents can keep taking their kids for great ice cream and more unforgettable moments.
Kurt and Kristen - Gallery
Kurt and Tony Robbins

As a part of our commitment to our clients, we are continuously upping our game with global thought and business leaders.

Welcome to the world of

Liberty Spenders

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