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Paul Dietzel - Founder of Anedot

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Paul Dietzel, Founder of Anedot

Join hosts Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt for another insightful episode of the Liberty Spenders podcast, where we explore the potent impact of customer understanding and referrals in building long-term business success. This week, we’re excited to welcome Paul Dietzel, founder of Anedot, who shares his expert strategies on leveraging referrals to enhance customer loyalty within the faith-based conservative market.

About the Show

What you will learn with us

Join Kurt and Kristen, founders of Liberty Spenders, on a groundbreaking podcast that unveils the secrets to tapping into the immense potential of the faith-based conservative market. With an estimated $5 trillion in annual spending power, this loyal and engaged consumer base represents a golden opportunity for businesses seeking rapid growth and increased customer loyalty.

Thought-provoking interviews

In each episode, Kurt and Kristen share their deep insights and proven strategies for authentically connecting with the Liberty Spender audience. Drawing from their extensive experience in political campaigns and their unique, data-driven approach, they guide listeners through the 5 Ps process: People, Positioning, Passion, Proof, and Product Launch.

Knowledge to access a huge niche

Whether you’re looking to expand your reach, overcome growth plateaus, or differentiate yourself in a crowded market, this podcast is your roadmap to success. Discover how to craft compelling stories that resonate emotionally with your target audience, test and validate your marketing messages, and execute tailored product rollout plans that leverage Kurt and Kristen’s extensive network within the conservative ecosystem.

Your time to thrive

Tune in to the Liberty Spenders Show and unlock the power of this influential and lucrative market. 

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What a difference it would make.
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For 20 years, we’ve been electing Republican political candidates by motivating conservative and faith-based voters.

They are our Liberty Spenders!
$500M raised in political contributions from over 13 million transactions

Our systems got

1 President, 14 Governors, 15 Senators and 100+ Members of Congress Elected


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